Words From Our Station Manager Mr. Hero Shabangu:

“Radio is an amazing medium to help people learn new skills, gain experience and confidence, build social connections and above all it’s great fun!”

We truly believe that radio can really be for everyone, no exception. UB FM is a radio made for the community, pure and simple.

Local people steer everything we do, and are involved in every possible role at the station; from technical support & audio production to scheduling & programming and everything in between. The vast majority of presenters are from right here and for many, UB FM is their first real taste of radio broadcasting.

The idea for UB FM was born in 2005, and between 2007 and 2010 we completed 12 short term (one month) broadcasts which was an eye opening and amazing experience that improved each time.
We exist for two main reasons:

To bring accessible, hyper-local radio to every household and business in and around South Africa and Outside South Africa – linking people to services, promoting local identity, and serving as a local information hub by broadcasting programmes, news and information that is about the local areas. We are a platform for up and coming artists, local voices and opinion and we provide services to local organisations. We aim to provide an entertaining, vibrant and engaging radio station that local people are proud of.

To offer a range of engaging volunteering opportunities to local people – providing training and support to help people improve their lives by becoming part of a thriving team, learning new skills and getting to put them into practice!